A few questions

Hi everybody, I’m working with a big program (about 15000 lines) in Fortran. I’d like to perform some of the computations in the program in parallel.
As the code is so big and written in F77(not HPF compliant) I can’t use PGHPF with it without porting to HPF.
My idea is to perform the most intensive calculations in HPF using PGHPF and compile the rest of the program with PGF90.
I should write a routine in a separate module with data distribution directives, compile it with PGHPF and then link it together with the rest of the program.
My questions:
Is it possible to do that???.
How can I produce an object file without linking??.
Which linker should I use to link both parts together??

Thanks in advance

Hi betal,

Personally, I’d investigate using OpenMP for an SMP system or MPI for a distributed system. Also, you can try using “-Mconcur” to have the compiler auto-parallelize the code for you.

  • Mat