A good reference for CUDA Fortran, please

Could anyone recommend a good reference for CUDA Fortran, in terms of using the threads and the blocks and such, please? I do have “CUDA Fortran for Scientists and Engineers”, but that is more for people who are more familiar with CUDA. Thank you!

When I think of “reference” I usually think of reference manual.

The documentation provides a good resource for that.

Perhaps you may mean “reference” as introduction. In that case, these are some good resources, in increasing time investments:

  1. NVIDIA Blog
  2. NVIDIA GTC tutorial slides
  3. 45-minute intro video

The best place to ask questions about CUDA Fortran specifically on these forums is in the HPC SDK compiler section. One of our CUDA Fortran experts, Mat, is active there, and may have additional suggestions for you, for example if you are asking about books/textbooks. I think “CUDA Fortran for Scientists and Engineers” is probably the leading one in that category.

Thank you for your fast response!
I have used CUDA FORTRAN in the sense that I have copied over programs and have run them. I would like to have a better understanding of how the threads and blocks work.

This is really great information!