A GUI for Cuda-gdb would be useful

Just making a note that I would like to have some way of graphically debug my applications.
I’m hoping others will ++ this and show nvidia there’s interest in this.
Personally I don’t care much for which IDE is used, but there seems to be previous interest in gdb + eclipse:

ddd --debugger cuda-gdb works just fine right now.

Because ddd requires X environment, I think you have more than one GPU card in order to use cuda-gdb.

Do you know any way to use cuda-gdb with an user interface (certainly using one GPU card)? I tried cuda-gdb in console, it is quite hard to put breakpoints.

Thank you.

If you want GUI you need X. One solution is to ssh into the machine with the -X flag and then you get the debugger displayed remotely. Another options is to use emacs for the job

That’s a good idea. Your solution about SSH with the -X flag is useful. However, I currently have only one PC (running Windows and Linux on dual boot), I will try your solution later.

Thank you very much.

cgdb -d /usr/local/cuda/bin/cuda-gdb, or replace gdb link with cuda-gdb and run the cuda program in eclipse…both work!

(of course you need another device not attached to X)

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