a hardware question about expand USB and network port

Hi, everybody:

in TX2 carried board,wo get a USB3.0 and a network port. Now,we want to make a new board to expand an USB and network port with follow ways:
1.USB3.0 + USB HUB = two USB3.0 (TUSB8020B-Q1)
2.PCIe to network port (WG82574IT S LBAC)

is that ok ?

or someone has get success project about that,could you give me some suggestions?

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It is ok from hw side.

well, thx
so another question is, do I need additional drivers to support my hardware working properly?

You need to check the vendor of external device for the drivers if necessary.


hello all:
i want to use lan7430 to get one more eth port (from pcie port), is that ok from hardware side?

It looks ok since it is standard pcie port to TX2.