A little graphic UI to manage Nvidia driver from desktop out of the terminal.

I build it first for my own use and to learn bash code by the way.

This is now a zenity/bash code to manage, install, update everything about Nvidia driver without crashing or exit the X server to do so, including Bumblebee, primus and Prime.
I’m not a pro hacker, then I fix my stupid mistake step by step, but globally the script is working well.
I’ve now some health issues and it’s harder to go on into my project, so, I invite Nvidia Men or other bashers to have a look, hoping they find it useful and maybe give them the key to better develop it.


note: There no real issues on my actual distro, Fedora, and probably the same on Debian. I build a system of “plugins” to adapt for each kind of distro in a easier management.
I update the change log regulary each time I find a mistake or add a new features. Don’t hesitate to contact me here or on github.
And excuse my poor english. :)