A modest plea to add Vulkan to the FreeBSD graphics driver

I have already switched my systems to AMD graphics cards, because of NVidia’s poor support for FreeBS

To be fair, actually AMD has NO support for FreeBSD as of now. But the source code of ICD and kernel drivers are open-source, thus allowing the community to try porting the Linux driver to other OSes.

Another person needing Vulkan support for FreeBSD…

Indeed, getting any kind of official reply would be really nice, so that we know what to expect.

Bump. Should we just package Linux libs and call it a day?

Not completely. Even if employing your approach here it still need kernel bits in the related FreeBSD kernel module code to handle Vulkan/Vulkan-GL-interop related features such as exporting/importing resources through opaque FDs. Currently the corresponding routines will return unsupported simply.

Which kernel bits?

corresponding example: nv_import/export_rm_object_from/to_fd

Ok, wake me up when you actually find software that employs this.

The number of consumers of this is irrelevant to the question from the OP.

I love how this topic has become the most viewed topic on the FreeBSD subforum from the past 2+ years.
Keep it alive guys, it’s really important to all of us and to our future.

So, NVIDIA, any update on plans for the future? Vulkan, no vulkan? It should be obvious that we - FreeBSD desktop users - really care about this. We care about your products and we want to use them. All we need is some confirmation from your side that we will continue to be able to do so in the future.