a problem about sdk exam : oceanfft

hi , everyone!

i found a problem about a sdk example named “oceanfft” on the same machine , I like to know why it is ?

The running results of oceanfft are significant different with use of cuda 3.2_12 or cuda3.2_16 toolkit. the surface is very smooth genereated by oceanfft use of cuda 3.2_12 toolkit , but the surface looks like being made up of serrated lines use of cuda 3.2_16( or CUDA 4.0 RC2).

it is diffrent of fft function bwteen cuda 3.2_12 and cuda3.2_16( or CUDA 4.0 RC2) ? or it is a bug of later or earlier version toolkit?

display device : GTX580
os: XP 32bit with driver 266.58/ 270.51

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Attachment file : running results snapshot

oceanfft.rar (112 KB)


Yes, this is a bug, it should be fixed in the next release.

thanks very much!

To expect the next release version.