A problem when using Audio2Face rest API

Hi I got a problem when using the REST API.

I put a.wav and b.wav in the track file root. Then I use the SetTrack API to set the current track as b.wav. But When I try to export the BS I found it is the result of a.wav.

I check the current track name by GetCurrentTrack interface. It shows that the current track is still a.wav even though I just set the b.wav.

It’s wierd. It looks like that it only takes the first wav file to generate animation.

Hi @ChairMan_Meow, it seems that SetTrack call might have failed, if the response fails then the current track won’t be changed.

Do you mind checking the response from that call?

if Set track was successful you should get a response like this :

  "status": "OK",
  "message": "Set track to b.wav"

A2F_SetTrack.wmv (16.3 MB)

Here is my screen record. The track root has already been set to F:\Audio.

But the response shows that the current audio file is a.wav.

The setTrack just takes the filename of the audio tracks inside the set root path.

You can specify the file name directly when setting the track, in this case "file_name" : "b.wav" will work

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But it should have raised an error
We will make the docs more clear as well.

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh you saved me~ Thanks a lot !
Everything works well now.


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