A problem with nvyolo plugin.

I have tried the nvyolo plugin,
And I have installed Deepstream_Realease 2.0,

but when I run:

deepstream-app -c configs/deepstream-app_yolo_config.txt

the frame will play normally,
but the detecting rectangle appears to fixed rectangle with label(Obj0 and obj1 ) .

when I run:

deepstream-yolo-app sample_720p.h264



anything work well

Any message is appreciated,
looks for your reply.

here is the appearence about it:


the yolo plugin works well in my application,
it is not very important wheather the deepstream-app could use it.

Please refer to the instructions on the README to use the yolo plugin with deepstream-app. Especially, https://github.com/vat-nvidia/deepstream-plugins#note