A probrem about TX2 mutimedia decode sample

I came across a problem with Jetson Tx2 development kits and it has made me puzzled for several days.

When I decompress my own H264 video on Jetson Tx2 using the programs in the directory"jetson_mutimedia_api/samples/02_video_dec_cuda", an unfavorable black square appears in the upper left corner of the decompressed video.However, this video can be correctly decompressed by a software on PC. Can somebody please tell me what renders the decompression fault and how can I remove the black square in Jetson Tx2 environment.

Please run


02_video_dec_cuda is to demonstrate CUDA processing and the black square is due to:

    /* Map EGLImage to CUDA buffer, and call CUDA kernel to
       draw a 32x32 pixels black box on left-top of each frame */
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