A query about the computational performance on PX2 AutoChauffeur Platform

Hi all,

I experienced a problem about the computational performance on PX2 AutoChauffeur. I deployed the latest opencv libraries and ran a program which calculates the dense optical flow using CalcOpticalFlowFarneback() method. I expect the frame rate should be at least 10x better than running
on my laptop, but the truth is that the frame rate is even worse. Should I install any driver for improvement or is there any other solution I should look into?


Dear infohyu7s,
Does your application uses GPU for computation? If so, what is the GPU you are using on laptop?

I wrote the ordinary cpp program and compiled & executed directly on the platfrom. I think I didn’t use GPU if I need to do something with my code. Now I know the next step of my work, thank you for your reminder.

Dear infohyu7s,
Single ARM core is not powerful compared to your laptop CPU core. You will get good performance if you make use of GPUs

When I reinstall OpenCV4.0-pre with cuda8.0 using cmake there is an error:

[ 9%] Built target gen_opencv_python_source
Makefile:160: recipe for target ‘all’ failed
make: *** [all] Error 2

I searched online for hours but there is no proper solution. How should I deal with it? Thank you.

I uninstall the ccache and now it moves on.