A question about cuDNN in Drive Software 10.0


I found there is no independent cuDNN library (include cudnn.h and libcudnn.so) on target computer (Xavier), but it exists in the older version, such like Drive Software 9.0. Does it mean we have to cross compiler cuDNN library or install the independent cuDNN library on xavier by ourselves?

Dear andy_su,
We did not ship library header files and samples in DRIVE SW 10.0 to reduce file system size. You need to cross compile your sample on host.
You can find libcudnn.so at /usr/local/driveworks/lib folder

Dear SivaRamaKrishna,

I find libcudnn.so.7 at /usr/local/driveworks/lib folder, not libcudnn.so, so I have to create a symbolic link on it. Is it normal?

Dear andy_su,
Yes. It is normal and you can notice that tensorRT_optimization tool is linked to libcudnn.so.7 directly.
You can create symbolic link to libcudnn.so.7 if needed.