A question about maximum communication bandwidth between SPE and CCPLEX ?

A demo in l4t_rt_aux_cpu_src\l4t-rt\rt-aux-cpu-demo\app\ivc-echo-task.c about communication between SPE and CCPLEX (i.e., IVC) implements message size 64-byte. My questions are:

  1. The message size can be increased? If yes, the maximum message size is?
  2. The number of IVC channel is ?
  1. The IVC between SPE and CCPLEX is based on shared memory. So generally, it’s possible to define customized message format. The size will be limited to hardware, and should be enough for common application usage.
  2. I’m not sure about the questions. IVC is an abstract for communication channel. For SPE-CCPLEX, multiple logic channels can be define, but the real channel is only 1.


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Thank for your reply. Your answer is helpful.

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