A question when compiling tensorflow


I have an error which called

[12,959 / 13,047] 6 actions running
    Compiling tensorflow/core/kernels/strided_slice_op_gpu.cu.cc; 7250s local
    Compiling tensorflow/core/kernels/broadcast_to_op.cc; 7195s local
    Compiling .../core/kernels/cwise_op_squared_difference.cc; 970s local
    Compiling tensorflow/core/kernels/cwise_op_div.cc; 900s local
    Compiling tensorflow/core/kernels/cwise_op_bitwise_and.cc; 883s local
    Compiling tensorflow/core/kernels/cwise_op_less.cc; 878s local

Server terminated abruptly (error code: 1, error message: 'Received RST_STREAM err=8', log file: '/home/nvidia/.cache/bazel/_bazel_nvidia/4b0c904fc7955dd9a6eeb72442db8616/server/jvm.out')

is any way to solve it?
thanks all


It looks like a similar issue as this one:

Have you created a swap memory before compiling.
In general, it takes a least 8G swap to build TensorFlow from source.

By the way, we have built TensorFlow for DRIVE PX2 before.
Maybe you can try to install the package directly: