A Quick Question

I need to donwload SAMBA for FRC programming on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1, but it says that I need to make directory above root. How exactly am I supposed to do that?

I don’t know for sure what your setup is, but you’d never share the entire Jetson with samba…you’d want to pick some specific subdirectory. So for example:

sudo mkdir /usr/local/share/samba

…then you could set up samba there. You could also do something like mount an external hard drive partition there so it didn’t use the space from the internal eMMC. Since this is somewhat a matter of what you want, perhaps if you described the kind of access you expect it might help. Is the Jetson going to serve a samba share for others? Is the Jetson going to mount some other server’s network neighborhood? Will this be for all users on the Jetson? Will this be for just one user?