A sincere whole hearted THANK YOU!

I have been in college for 3 years now, going on 4, and The Portland Group (PGI) has been there the whole way! They have provided me with incredible, state of the art tools to utilize for my studies and research. When I say incredible, what I mean is they haven’t just allowed me to use one of their stripped down models, they have generously provided me with their very best! As I have progressed and advanced in my classes they have allowed me to also progress in my compiler selections. I can say, first hand, that having a quality tool to utilize, makes a world of difference. I just wanted to take a second and give this company a whole hearted thank you!

PGI Thank You Very Much!

I have been able to explore advanced parallel concepts and acceleration, something your technology has provided!
(proud to report, 3.2gpa!)

Thank You Guys!

Robert D Rees