A way to check llvm / nollvm

Is there a way to distinguish llvm/nollvm build from source code please?
I need a workaround for strange declarations and defines of instrinsics __rdtsc() / __rdtscp() / _rdtsc() in PGI v18.10, 19.4.

Also would be grate to support these intrinsics directly – it requires only fixes in headers.


To clarify, do you want to determine if the built library/executable/object was compiled with the LLVM/non-LLVM compiler? You could do something makeshift in your build scripts to define a certain symbol depending on whether -M[no]llvm is specified, though that isn’t as elegant.

For the read time stamp counter intrinsic, I’ve added TPR #27543 to address the problem. Intrinsic support is growing but there are still a few that we are missing.

We’ve added support for rdtsc intrinsics w/19.9