A way to tell if AGX is in Force Recovery or "Normal Boot"


A little background: We have a custom carrier board, with a MCU that toggles a switch depending on if we are entering Force Recovery or “Normal Boot”. This switch “enables the Force Recovery USB contact/port on the carrier board”. It does so by listening on the buttons being pressed.

However, this leads to some unwanted behaviour once the AGX reboots by itself after successful flash into a “Normal Boot”. We have found no way of sensing/telling (via GPIOs etc) if the AGX is in Force Recovery or a Normal Boot.

Is this possible in any way?

We tried to edit the pinmux file to have a GPIO driven high always, but found that this GPIO is driven high even after a while during the flash (and then reset and later set on reboot into Normal Mode).

The pin we have used is GPIO5 (GPIO3_PAA.07).

Bottom line is: We would like a way of telling if the AGX is entering/in Force Recovery or Normal Boot from GPIOs.

Any help would be appreciated.


lsusb would give different number between recovery mode and normal boot.

Hi, thanks for the response.

The issue is that our MCU is the one that “needs” knowing the state of the AGX. This since we toggle a switch controlling the USB depending on the “state” (Force Feedback/Normal Boot) of the AGX. If it is a normal boot, we do not route the force recovery exrernal contact/port to the AGX USB-pins, and use it for other-on-board purposes/USB devices.

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