A100 2D mechanical interface documentation


I am making a custom server enclosure using the A100 PCIe card and would love help finding mechanical interface documentation. I would really appreciate help finding two documents, both mentioned in the A100 Product Brief: (i) NVIDIA Form Factor 5.0 Specification (NVOnline reference number 1052306) and (ii) 2D mechanical drawings found in the “Mechanical Collateral” section of the product specification" of the Product Brief (but isn’t there!)

Many thanks!!

How does this work?

NVIDIA Customer Service (phone call) told me to post this here for other NVIDIA staff to answer.



Unfortunately, I m not finding any other documentation on the A100. Let me dig around, and see if I cannot locate an A100 technical resource to jump in here.

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Hi TomK,

Thanks so much, fingers crossed!

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I have not forgotten you, I am still looking for the information you requested.


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Has anyone reached out to you via private message or email?

Yes, I even have a phone call scheduled for today!

You’re the best.

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