A100 80G End of Life

When is End of Life and End of Support for A100 80GB and A100 40GB

Hi, we only just now ramped up production shipments of H100 systems, so A100 will still be around for a while. Pls contact your preferred system vendor for end of life statements on your systems.
AFAIK we haven’t even EOL’d A100 (all varaints of them) to our partners, and our parnters will be able to do last time forcecast and order, so should be able to deliver A100 for much longer. For details, like I said, pls contact your partner.
End of SW support of the product is still many years out…we support typically for at least 3 years after last time buy… most of the time MUCH longer, since with our unified driver, there is no imminent need to remove cards activly from support…
hope this help…

What is the End of life date for A100 Pcie 80GB

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Please check out the previous statement from Frank. That still holds.