A100 not working with 460.73.01 driver on Debian Buster

Have a problem with nVidia A100 card on Debian Buster with recommended 460.73.01 driver from official nVidia repo.

Some investigations suggest me to add “pci=realloc pci=nocrs mem_encrypt=off” parameters to kernel command line, but this parameters still not help. Kernel modules have been built and loaded, but nvidia-smi still reports “No devices were found”.

Bug report not uploaded due error:
Connection refused - connect(2) for “a0cc0b7274b3.tiefighter03.sd.sjc6.discourse.cloud” port 0

Bug report for issue on Google Drive.

Please enable “above 4G decoding” or “large/64bit BARs” and disable CSM in bios.

Too bad, I haven’t such options in UEFI menu of my server.