A16 vGPU not allowing Portrait mode on Windows 11 VDI

When using the A16 vGPU and NVidia video driver on Windows 11 in a VMware Horizon environment, virtual desktop will not go into Portrait mode. When we remove the NVidia video driver and use the VMware SVGA driver, portrait mode works without issue. Any suggestions?

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I got the same problem. T4, P40, A2.
On Windows 10 with the same driver version 537.70 works fine.
On Windows 11 portrait mode works only if remove the graphics card from the virtual machine.

There’s still no solution?
Tried updating the driver on the virtual machine to 538.33 - it didn’t help.

solution 2: VMware Knowledge Base
PixelProviderForceViddCapture - reg_sz - 1

upd: it’s a very bad solution.
various problems appear in revit, with snapping, scale, object selection boundaries.
windows 10 had IDD by default, windows 11 does not. And now this difference is very much visible.

Please write if someone finds a solution how to make vGPU driver work with portrait mode. (The problem is only with 2 or more monitors.)