A2F 2021.2.4 is available for download

Hello Omnivores! Audio2face 2021.2.4 contains a fix for previous version failing to install on Non US Region/Language windows configurations. It is available for installation via the Omniverse Launcher.



Now getting this error at launchimage


Hi @alexandre.messier Can you provide us with more details? Where are you getting this “not responding” error? Does it launch at all? Can you send us a log file?


Hi, @RonanDB im experiencing similar to what the post above from @alexandre.messier is saying, however to clarify, when i launch it the window opens up, becomes unresponsive then manages to boot up the application for a few sec, reference the screenshot

however, after a few seconds the whole application crashes, i have also tried running the app directly from the audio2face.kit file it gives a lot of output in cmd, here is the file, hope it helps in fixing it audio2face-log.txt (25.6 KB)

Hope you fix this issue soon

Hi @sinisa.milosevic According to the log you are running windows server 1809. A2Fs tensor engine requires windows version 1909 or newer.

@RonanDB okay i have ran all the updates, and still same thing, boots up and crashes almost immediately when it launches,

@sinisa.milosevic Can you send the new log. with your windows up to date the new log should point us to this particular point of failure.