A2F 2022 Metahuman pipeline

Hello! I understand that the pipeline has changed in version 2022 in terms of animation for metahumans. In the 2021 version, there was just a dubbing of the mesh with bs46 and that’s it. What changes have taken place? Please explain.

Hi @alienmusem, the process is the same as before.

  1. set up blendshape solve using the provided template “male_bs_46.usd”
  2. then export a .usd file using “export as usd skelAnimation”.

Attaching screenshot here for you.

Thank you! But there are many host and target meshes. This was not the case before.

Why then does it show several meshes at once? which one to choose?*


Hi @alienmusem,
The UI shows all the meshes in the stage.
You can choose meshes as in this image, then the blendshape solve should work. Can you please try it?