A2F 2023.1 custom character questions

Hello friends, I been trying to give my own character facial/lip movements with A2F. But its not working. I have watched tutorials yet still have these confusions…
1, do i have to create same blendshape&orders for my character before doing the transfer? i noticed in the newest version tutorial the custom character head mesh doesnt have same blendshapes before doing the transfer but i do it the same way my character is not moving with Clair or Mark. also i have issues create blendshapes for my character…
2, whats the difference between character transfer and arkit method?

Thank you in advance! I’m really confused.

  • Audio2Face can generate blendShapes for your character.

  • Your character only needs to have blendShapes if you want to animate your character in another 3D application, e.g. Maya. Even then, having blendShapes is not necessary. You can export a cached version from Audio2Face into other 3D application.

  • Arkit is the name of the collection of 52 blendShape targets that can be used to create facial animation. It was created by Apple I think for 3D avatars.

  • You can use Audio2Face’s Character Transfer tab to generate Arkit BlendShapes for your characters.

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