A2F Cache file to Machinima connecting point are working or Animating

Hi Team ,
I have done the A2F Character transfer pipeline, after that I am exported the USD cache file from A2F to machinima. While connecting the Connecting points to cache file ,the static mesh it is not connected. Also I tried with goe Cache and Xform Cache USD file.

I am tried this with A2F and Machinima both applications. But Head and tongue is animating. Lower teeth and eyes are not Animating.

Please do the needful solution for this. I have attached the screenshot and short clip for your reference. You can find the error in console panel.

A2F_Connecting point issues.mkv (15.3 MB)

That warning is unrelated and you can ignore it.

The issue you’re experiencing is because the teeth and eyes “points” do not animate, instead their “transform” is animated. So connecting their points doesn’t do anything.

Instead you can use a different method to connect the transform. For example you can use Prox deformer.

Thanks for the solution.
I will try this method in A2F .
Also I need a guidance for Machinima pipeline on the same.

I am already tried A2F cache file connecting points to Rigged Character in Machinima. But there also the Lower teeth, eyes and eyelashes not animating. No error find in the console.
Requesting a help for this.