A2F with animation?

I’m new to the app and was able to follow the A2F tutorial with reallusion avatars. My question is once I have the transfer character set up, how do I merge it back into my original character? or set it up to perform animation while talking?

So right now I could either use the transfer character to talk, or the original character for animation, but not both.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @fanyang1956 and welcome to the forums!

As of now, you can’t have body motions in Audio2Face. But adding body motions is on the roadmap.

In the meantime, you can export the facial animation from Audio2Face and apply it to your character in other 3D applications such as Maya, Blender or 3dsMax. I’m not quite sure if Reallusion has the ability to import facial animation, but that can be another option too.

This tutorial is an example of using Audio2Face generated facial animation in Blender: Omniverse Audio2Face and Blender | Part 2: Loading AI-Generated Lip Sync Clips - YouTube

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