AABB with very big sizes, don´t know why

Hi! new here. I´m using Visual Studio 2013 and Physx 3.3.2.

I´m using character controller to move my enemies across the level. To control collisions I´m using the PxControllerFilterCallback::filter(const PxController& a, const PxController& b) = 0; implementation and I´m having huge performance issues. Tracking what´s going wrong with visual debugger, I found that my player AABB is VERY big. Also both AABB (enemies and player) are below the ground. I have check the code and I´m not telling anywhere which size the AABB must be, so I don´t understand where is this comming from. Can anyone throw some light here please? Thanks.
PD: this is an screenshot of the problem http://imgur.com/PBETICO

That does look strange. I’m not sure what would cause that, I’ll bring this to the attention of someone who knows more about character controllers.

Hi! Thank you for taking care of It. Should I expect an answer here or would the post be moved to another place?

I asked the engineer who wrote the character controller, and he said:

“This is probably due to a large gravity. Gravity in CCT-parlance is just the length of the user-provided displacement vector, in the “up” direction. So if the CCT does not move, the given displacement might be for example (0, -10, 0). We compute the temporal bounding volume (TBV) using this vector, i.e. we take the AABB around the capsule at its start position, the AABB around the capsule at its expected end position, and compute the AABB enclosing both. If the displacement is large in the negative up direction, this can give a long AABB similar to the one in the screenshot. Then IIRC this AABB can further be enlarged depending on other CCT parameters like the “max jump height” or things like this. It is fairly normal for these boxes to be larger than the capsule.”

Hi! Ok, thanks a lot. Everything is crystal clear now. You can tag that as SOLVED WITH AWESOME ANSWER