AArch32 Drivers


I need to run 32bit opengl applications on TX2 but i can’t find aarch32 tegra graphic drivers.

Does anyone know where i can find them?

Thank you all.

Other than the TK1 and earlier, all of the Jetsons are 64-bit/arm64/aarch64/ARMv8-a.

If the app were not OpenGL, then you might succeed with a lot of work adding the 32-bit compatibility mode support (ARMv8-a includes a 32-bit ARMv8 which is a superset of arm32…all arm32 works on 32-bit ARMv8, but not all ARMv8 works on 32-bit arm32). This would imply adding more or less a 32-bit linker and all 32-bit libraries and support. Performance would be bad. I do not see a way to use the existing 64-bit GPU drivers for 32-bit and you would end up without GPU support…it would be CPU rendered OpenGL.

The TK1 is itself no longer providing new releases. You’d need to go somewhere like Toradex.com to get one of their TK1-based solutions if you want 32-bit.

Thanks for your reply ^^