ABI 14 Xorg server support?

An chance to get an update of Linux for Tegra with ABI 14 Xorg support?

Yes, ABI 14 for R16.3 is in test now; we will release it via the website once completed.

It is already included? I see R16.3 on the download page, but don’t see info about ABI 14 support?

Now the linux-tegra page seems to have the X ABI 14 driver.

kulve: Will Tegra adaptation for Mer and PA be updated with this? By the way, how can one check which version of the driver installed while in Mer?

shmerl: sorry for slow reply.

I can update the X ABI 14 driver in Mer, if there’s use for it.

I think there’s convenient way to check the ABI version of the driver. If you have a booting X.Org, you can check the version from the logs (mismatching driver won’t load). Or you can check from the .spec of the package in OBS web UI.

I figured that it’s an update, not a new release of the driver. The driver version is reported in: /etc/nv_tegra_release

Currently on Mer/Nexus7 it’s:

# R16 (release), REVISION: 3.0, GCID: 1145995, BOARD: cardhu, EABI: hard, DATE: Thu Feb 14 13:34:24 UTC 2013

Hi , abi 14 additional driver’s link seems to be down . can you please fix it ?

P.s. do you plan to update to abi 15 ?

There’s now a new 16.4 release available and the links seem to be fixed.