Ability to update CUDA Toolkit to 11.0?


Recently got an AGX, and have been playing around with some of Nvidia’s CUDA docker images, mainly nvidia/cuda64, but am running into the problem of the Containers CUDA image (11.0) being too high for the Jetson’s (10.2).

I considered creating my own Docker image with CUDA 10.2 for ARM, but the ARM Version of the Nvidia Toolkit 10.2 is locked behind a login, making creating a dockerfile somewhat non-trivial.

I realize that there’s the l4t-base image, but in an ideal world, the docker image could be multiarch for both amd64 and arm64.

The easiest way in my eyes would be to upgrade the CUDA Version to 11.0 on the Jetson but would love some suggestions on what else I could do.


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Sorry that Jetson docker only support ARM64 architecture.
So you will need to use the image built on l4t-base for the compatibility.