Able to prevent/disable System Upgrade notification with Shield K1 tablet


I have a Shield K1 tablet, and I would like to keep the tablet on Android V6.0.

Every time I reboot the device, and there is an internet connection, it notifies me that “Shield Update 5.1 is available”. This would bring me to Android v7.0.

Seeing that notification once is fine - I can dismiss it. However, everytime I reboot the device, the notification comes back. Which is extremely annoying, and if I’m careless I wind up updating the device and then I have to reimage it back to the Shield K1 state using the 1.3 image files available online.

Is there a way to disable these update notifications?

I’m wanting to do this also. Just got a replacement tablet from Nvidia, because I did this upgrade on the previous tablet and the result was all kinds of problems that rendered the tablet useless! My notification reappears after about 10-15 min if I clear it! I’m afraid I’ll accidently upgrade!