Abnormal display of the speed of the graphics card fans

s.bmp (418.6 KB)

Yes, everything is written in Russian, but I think it’s clear where the problem is.
I have the latest version of the driver. This bug does not disappear even after reboots. The video card is not noisy at this time at all.

Hello @8fe7b0e4dbf528b8e3463fd8d (is that a random SHA or does it represent something? Just curious), welcoem to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I recommend checking out the GeForce forums for questions like this, you are much more likely to find people who encountered similar issues. Since this is the Fan Speed there is likely an issue with the on-board sensor of your OEM Add-In card which we here cannot fix or address.


(I think it’s random. I didn’t changed nick here =) ). My problem went away after I updated the Nvidia driver that appeared yesterday.

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