Abnormal program Termination (system power off) . WatchDog problem ?


Following are the specifics of the computing environment I am using:

System configuration : Foxconn Destroyer Motherboard with AMD Phenom 9850 Quad, 16GB RAM,

                               4 Tesla c1060 attached to the PCIe Gen2 slots and nForce 780a onboard for primary display.

Operating System: Windows XP professional x64 with SP1 and SP2.

Host Developement Platform : 64 bit configuration in MS Visual Studio 2008 with SP1 installed.

I have used CUDA 2.2.


I am trying to determine if there exist WatchDog problems with WinXP 64bit +SP1 + SP2.

The code I have written uses OpenMP and each of the 4 Tesla GPU is assigned to a dedicated CPU thread.

I run a cascade of loops in the kernel and record the time taken by the kernel to complete.I allow only

one CPU thread to process at a time which implies at any point in time my process is running only

on one GPU. I donot use nForce for processing as it has the kernExecTimeOut field as 1.

My system gets “shut down” randomly when I run the executable.

I have run the executable several times now and in some runs upto 2 Tesla cards gave

output before system got shut down. But never has the executable run to completion.

I donot know what I causing the system shut down(no warnings,no messages, no Blue Screen.

Simple Power Off ! :fear: !)

Attached is the code of the program I have used.

Awaiting !!


Temet Nosce
WatchDog_Timer.txt (9.72 KB)