Abnormal restart of orin

hi, nvteam.
When we use orin, we occasionally encounter the problem of abnormal restart of orin.

After restarting, I checked the syslog I found that errors occurred before the system was restarted.

Now I have intercepted the corresponding part to the message As shown below. Please help to see what causes the abnormal restart. Thank you


  • orin 32G
  • custom board
  • jetpack 5.0.2

crash1.log (589.3 KB)

Hi mmcly

From your crash log, the reboot look like caused from v4l2.
Did you run any application or program before abnormal restart?

There’s a similar thread about this issue, please check if it could help
Orin in jp5.0.2 camera [vi output, imx1] process cpu occupies 100% - #26 by JerryChang

yes, we are capturing the video. and it looks like we can’t get the correct raw data.

I will check the link. thanks @KevinFFF

Please also help to provide the UART console log when error occurs for further check.
Syslog may not capture the kernel panic log as UART.

This is a little difficult because it doesn’t always happen again But I’ll try to see if I can catch it

Hi @KevinFFF , I have check the code. I think this part of the code has been processed accordingly. I used jetpack 5.0.2. The relevant code is shown below. I don’t think I need to change anything

	struct tegracam_ctrl_handler *handler;
	struct tegracam_sensor_data *sensor_data;

	if (!s_data)
		return -EINVAL;
	handler = s_data->tegracam_ctrl_hdl;
	if (!handler)
		return -EINVAL;
	sensor_data = &handler->sensor_data;

I’m closing this topic due to there is no update from you for a period, assuming this issue was resolved.
If still need the support, please open a new topic. Thanks

Could you help to use tegrastats to check system status when you are capturing the video?

$ sudo tegrastats