Abnormal use of non-PCIE USB interface

Now all 4 USB ports are connected to the camera and turned on at the same time, it will not be able to carry. At present, only 2 cameras can be used at the same time in the actual measurement, and abnormality occurs when 3 or more cameras are used.

What’s power required for those USB camera? Have you caculate that’s enought for carrier to supply?

This is constraint of hardware. Please refer to this topic:
connected more than two usb cameras problem on deepstream-app (Jetson Nano Dev Kit) - #12 by DaneLLL

Would like to ask whether the bandwidth of these 4 USBs is evenly distributed?

It depends on the USB devices. If you connect to different devices, it ma not be evenly distributed.

For using 5Gbps, please use USB3 devices

If the same model of USB camera is used, is the bandwidth evenly distributed? If using a USB3.0 device, can the bandwidth reach 5Gbps?

If the devices are identical and run in same mode(identical resolution and frame rate), the bandwidth should be shared equally.

And yes. Using a USB3 device can achieve 5Gbps.

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