About 06_jpeg_decode decode-fd

hi all ,now i test 06_jpeg_decode use the decode-fd option to decode jpeg file ,i found some resolution jpeg file can not be decoded ,so why ? my resolution si 600*605,the width is not Multiple of 16 ,so how can i fix it ?the following is the error:

[ERROR] (NvJpegDecoder.cpp:124) decodeToFd() failed, please run decodeToBuffer()
Could not decode image
App run failed

the test file is following

Please refer to explanation in

hi DaneLLL,thanks for your help ,use the --decode-buffer can fix it ,but if i do not want to use the decode-buffer ,whether i can fix it ?

Calling decodeToFd() puts data in NvBuffer which is a hardware buffer and has limitation in data alignment. Special resolutions are not supported. The JPEG is with special resolution 600x605.