About alsa recording

Hello, @WayneWWW , @jonathanh

If the provided patch is applied, you can test alsa recording through the PCM3010 codec, right?

Thank you.

Is this issue related to the previous one? or it is a new issue?

We already told you before please elaborate as much as possible for your problem. Please don’t expect other people can understand what you want with only one picture.

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This is related to the previous one.

I was able to check the sound by connecting the speaker to the audio terminal through the patch provided.
This time, I am trying to test mic-in through the audio terminal.
You don’t know how to ask a question.

Thank you.


Unfortunately, we are unable to understand your question. It appears from the image you are capturing audio on an Intel based desktop and not Jetson. It is not clear how this relates to Jetson but if you are asking if the PCM3010 can capture audio, then yes that should be possible.


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