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my platform is xavier nx , SDK is jp 5.1.1 , 1080P yuv sensor 。

When I used v4l-ctl to capture camera data, I deliberately unplug the sensor. At this time, vi prints some data timeout errors. At this time, I kill the v4l-ctl program and the kernel will crash。

The purpose of doing this thing is to verify that the image is abnormal when the data is collected again. In the process of verification, it is found that the kernel will crash when the handle is closed and the handle is opened again

kernel:[ 308.438151] Internal error: Oops: 96000004 [#1] PREEMPT SMP

Is there any way to solve it? Thanks .

hello 542270618,

please give it a try by applying the patch for capture-ivc.c from Topic 258971.

Coincidentally, I found the patch through the forum yesterday, but after running for about 12 hours from last night until now, I found that all mipi channels cannot obtain data

The issue of kernel crash has been resolved ! But after working for a long time, all mipi vi cannot obtain data .

this looks like another known bug, did you put camera streaming continuously?
may I know what’s your test pipeline, for instance, did you use gst pipeline with v4l2src plugin, or launching by v4l2-ctl directly?

Current our application continuous capture .

The issue wouldn’t have occurred before the patch was applied.

Previously, on our testing platform, it never appeared overnight, so it has nothing to do with the application。

The purpose of applying this patch is because we made a hot plug camera, but after a period of time, we found that we couldn’t collect data. The sensor has been reinitialized inside the driver。

If it is a known bug, is there a solution?

hello 542270618,

thanks for clarification, this is not the scenario of known bug per your description.

when you disconnect the camera sensor, VI driver it’ll trying to recover internally. i.e. please see-also vi->fops->vi_error_recover() and vi5_channel_error_recover() functions.
I assume you did not shutdown the application after you disconnect the camera sensor, right?


When the application is not closed, it can be restored by reinitializing the camera video。

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