About character animation

So I am building a fire dance scene to study character animation and motion capture.

The character is this:

Rigged: Yes

Now I have 2 qustions:

  1. Is this character ready to be set as motion capture target in Machinima? Even if it is, I guess it is pretty complex process, I have to write with note the bone stucture and stuff like that…

  2. Would this tutorial be better for me to start with:
    Creating Animated Digital Humans for NVIDIA Omniverse | Character Creator 3 - YouTube

Free trial is 30 days, nice! After that it´s basicly $149.00 - right?

With these characters, the bone structure is ready for me, right?
I could just start using animation libraries and combining these with my own wrench made motion captures in Machinima?

There is some sort of skeleton already:

Ok, I installed Character creator 3 free trial and I got the worker man free asset, it´s animated:

I now study this for a while. I hope someone can answer my questions above anyway…

Hi there, welcome to the forums and glad you’re interested in getting started on character animation. I’ll pass your question along to the devs and get back to you. Thanks for your patience!

Yes thanks! I am already bought in my first custom character from cc3 and I also bought in multiple motions…

Just gonna write a new topic about that soon.

This story in continuing here: