about CUBLAS

HI,Mat, this question is about CUBLAS

I study the article http://www.pgroup.com/lit/articles/insider/v3n1a5.htm
and follow this article, I have created the .obj file and .pdb file succesfully.
But I failed to create .exe file.

You have ever mentioned in the forum that by default, the PGI 2011 compilers generate CUDA 3.2 objects. If using a CUDA 4.0 cublas library, then this could cause issues.

I’m using PGI 11.9,I’m wondering whether it is the problem. Please kindly advise me

Thanks a lot

Hi Teslalady,

In the 4.0 CUBLAS, NVIDIA removed the standard BLAS symbols from their libraries in favour of “_v2” symbols. This was fine for CUDA C since the header files would substitute the standard name with the v2 names, but this caused a problems for us as will as other languages that provided CUBLAS interfaces. CUBLAS 4.1 and 4.2 added the standard interfaces back in. We updated our cublas interface module in the 12.x compilers to work around the CUBLAS 4.0 issues and are in the process of updating them again for CUBLAS 4.1 and 4.2.

For 11.9, please use the cublas interface module that we provide as well as the CUBLAS library we ship. Otherwise, you’ll need to write you’re own interface to these new routines.

  • Mat