About cusolverSpXcsrissymHost api

Dear Experts,

Trying to use cusolverSpXcsrissymHost, even though in the documentation “csrValA” is mentioned, but it doesn’t show in the parameter list. I’m confused, my question is how can I pass “csr val” to this API?

Peter Han

The key to understanding is reading the first sentence in the documentation:

"This function checks if A has symmetric pattern or not. "

The function is not checking if the matrix is symmetric. The function is checking if the pattern is symmetric. Since we are talking about a sparse matrix representation, this means essentially what is the pattern of the defined non-zero elements. The actual element values are irrelevant for this.

Although csrValA is referenced in the text (because presumably you are talking about a sparse matrix that has an associated array of non-zero elements, and that is how such a CSR formatted matrix should be defined for use by cusparse/cusolver) the csrValA pointer/data is not required for this function.