About David Kirk

Hey! Everybody. who can tell me David Kirk’s E-mail address? :w00t: B) B)

er, why do you need to talk to David Kirk? you probably don’t actually need to talk to David Kirk. plus, he’s a busy guy.

Google -> David Kirk -> “David Kirk, the celebrated creator of the best-selling Miss Spider picture books , grew up in the wild and boundless suburbs of central Ohio, where he learned about insects and painting. The leading authority on the rare and beautiful Arachne Vulgaris Florivora, he is considered by many to be central New York’s finest bug poet.”

Yeah, I second tmurray. You probably don’t need to talk to the guy. Very busy.

(More seriously: I’d imagine chief scientists aren’t very busy people. If they were busy, their heads would be too occupied to think about the big picture. Executives and vps are the busy people. But they still probably don’t want to talk to people who end their inquiries with excited-laugh-face, cool-face, cool-face :w00t: B) B) )