About Deleting Data

I will build my Nvidia powered PC in next weeks but also I want to play Watch Dogs. Everytime I install the Watch Dogs to my Nvidia Grid Test Drive, I can play well also it runs smoothly. But after 24 hours it deletes the data. So I lost my save! What should I do?

Hi there. NVIDIA GRID Test Drive meant to be a 24 hour trial for enterprise customers who are interested in testing their applications in a virtual environment. For more information on GRID Gaming please visit here.

For me it is deleting our application and data faster than 24 hours. We are trying to test our application on the VM and it is missing again. Our application is about 1 gig zipped, so it takes some time to get copied over. I copied the data over last night from home and it is not there today. Are these machines cleaned on a regular schedule inside of the 24 hours?

The virtual sessions are currently non-persistent. You can install your applications as long as you stay connected to the Test Drive. Due to popular demand we have limited the initial trial to 2 hours. You can extend to the full 24 hours by sending an email request to GRIDTestDrive@nvidia.com