About Demo Franka's URDF

I am using the Franka robot model in NVIDIA Omniverse’s Isaac Sim. Is URDF used in this model, I do not understand the relationship between USD and URDF, can you please tell me if you have that information somewhere?

Hi @yujyu.i.ju.kook

The URDF is an XML specification used in academia and industry to model multibody systems such as robotic manipulator arms. These files are used to define the robot’s geometry, its joint structure, the physical properties of its links, and also the robot’s inertial parameters, such as mass, inertia, and center of mass. Another specification close related to URDF is Xacro, an XML macro language used to construct shorter and more readable URDF files by using macros that expand to larger expressions.

USD is the fundamental representation for assets in Omniverse (…) While USD includes a file format, it is much more than that. USD is a powerful scene representation with an API that allows complex property inheritance, instancing, layering, lazy loading, and a wide variety of other key features. Omniverse uses USD for interchange through the Nucleus DB service. For more details about USD visit those links

In the case of the Franka URDF example, it shows how to import the Franka robot (from its description as .urdf) and configure it along with a scene in Isaac Sim.

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