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If I use the driver of 175.16, can I use CUDA?
also, why my 9600GSO can’t use?

It’s been said before… you need the 174 beta on the CUDA2 beta page

On the other hand, the 9600GSO is not in this list:


I have a big problem,

on my nforce 4 rig, the driver higher than 169.25 causes crashes in vista and winxp. This is including the CUDA driver. Only the CUDA-Driver 169.21 ensures a stable system in winxp. I had this crashes with black screen in vista, 1 minute long, after that minute vista recovered the driver.
In XP the behavior is as a hanging picture. The game is paused/hangs up to a minute and then i can play the next hour until the problem occurs next time.

So i am forced to programming CUDA in winxp with an old 169.21 and stucking in CUDA 1.1.

Please if somebody knows the problem, help me, before i driven in insanity. I lost a lot of hours to cover the problem. :/

Rather than start my own thread I’d like to ask the same question , why isn’t the 9600gso not supported and can it be?

I’m one of many running folding@home and if i run the gpu client it does start to run the tests but all it ever says is running test protein a, and if i minimize the client and then maximize it again the test restarts :( I’m wondering if the reason is I don’t have the cuda drivers installed which is a requirement (or so it says) of the folding@home gpu client, but I cant install the drivers because I have my 9600gso which isn’t on the supported list :(

So I ask again why isn’t it supported and can it be? the 9600gt is supported but the 9600gso isn’t ?!? :( And their was me the noob thinking 9600gso was good it due to the 768mb of ram , oh well, we live and learn.