About editing Leonardo Preview's code

I have tried Isaac sim Leonardo Preview and it is great!
I run Isaac sim on local and try to edit the code according to the user guide.
The first time I tried edit the UI code and it worked. I did not choose to save the changes in the Omniverse but saved the changes to the code.
When I run Isaac sim again on next day, I find that any edits to the code will not take effect in the Omniverse, whether UI or an example.
Can you help me solve this problem? Thanks!


Did you save changes to the code in the same file itself?
Please follow the “Preparation Steps” in the “Using Visual Studio Code” section in our User Guide (Isaac_Sim_User_Guide_2020.1.3.zip).
This will mount the /var/lib/isaac-sim/samples folder on the host to the sample folder on the docker image.


Thanks for help! Problem has been solved!

I only did these steps for the first time, I don’t know repeat these steps for every time is necessary. In fact I am not familiar with the use of Docker.

Thank again