about geforce series and quadro series

I’m using quadro p2000 and quadro p4000 in nvidia codec and npp library in windows
but geforce gtx1080 is cheaper and more performance.

What’s the difference gefoce series and quadro series?

I really am curious.

Thank you for your reply.

This document from NVIDIA’s marketing department contains a table that compares Quadro and GeForce:


This NVIDIA blog post touts Quadro’s application certifications:


Make of that what you will. My take is that it is partially a desire to address different markets via different brands, just like the differentiation provided by the brand pairs Acura/Honda, Lexus/Toyota, Infinity/Nissan.

[Full disclosure, in case it matters for bias: Since 2003, I have made exclusive use of Quadro GPUs for my PCs at home. I currently use a Quadro P2000]