about HDCP license.

This is the image signal flow of my system.

JETSON NANO ----(HDMI)----> HDMI to LVDS converter(ADV7613) ------(LVDS)------> TFT LCD

Should I get the ‘HDCP license’?

If not, the vender(analog device) can not sell the parts and support any technical advice.

Hi kisgnoy,

Sorry that HDCP is not supported in any tegra device now.

Is it a must-have in your product?

I do not need that lisence.

But, as I mentioned above, the chip vender want it.

and I checked out that ‘Xavier support HDCP 1.4 and 2.2 also has HDCP key storage.’


Need to clarify …

First, you are asking HDCP for jetson nano which is using tx1 chip. It has nothing to do with Jetson Xavier HDCP.

Second, actually the hardware capability covers HDCP but our software driver does not implement it.