About jeston nano usb Usb refresh slow

Hi, I used my custom carrier board loading the p3449-0002 of jetson nano, the usb list need delay about 1-2 min to corresponding.
Can you give us some ideas? log as below.

Any error from dmesg?
Any schematic to share?

dmesglog.txt (73.6 KB)
this is the dmesg log.

The dmesg seems not have the error as your comment.

The devices are getting detected right in the boot.

I’ll suggest that possibly, since USB is obviously working, there might be a kernel feature needed for lsusb to correctly report (I don’t know though which kernel config would be needed for this to work). If you can’t find a missing kernel feature, then I’ll recommend using “strace”.

strace” produces a log of system calls to the kernel in a “C-like” syntax. This is absolutely huge in terms of how fast logs can fill up, but what you need will only be about one second of the delay, then you could kill the trace. An example, and assumes you would hit CTRL-c to stop after a second or so of delay:
sudo strace lsusb
…or with logs:
sudo strace -o log_trace.txt lsusb
(plus there is a way to attach to an already running process, useful since it could wait till blocking of lsusb starts…"sudo strace -o pid_trace.txt -p <pid> lsusb")

Also, before doing this, I am reminded that you might see if there is a difference in time required if lsusb is run with sudo. I mention because it is easy and fast to test in comparison to strace.

thank you, The problem has been solved.

How did you resolve your problem?

My custom board used two usb hub, One of the connection between the HUB and USB port is faulty.

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